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Hear Others ~ Testimonials

Terry performed Reiki on me and it absolutely made a difference! She is a great spiritual guide and has assisted me down my path! Thank you Terry for all your guidance and support.

Mark - Delray Beach, FL

I have been a Reiki client of Terry's for the last year, I saw huge changes in my emotional, spiritual and physical well being. When Terry approached me about taking a Reiki class to practice Reiki, I was hesitant at first. I was skeptical, wondering if I had it in me to help others the way that I was helped. The day of class was so moving and enlightening, just like all of my sessions had been. I was easily able to focus my energy and intuition with Terry's guidance. At the end of the day, I was tired, but energized..I realized how right Terry had been. I felt like a huge gift had been given to me and that I found one more piece of the puzzle in my soul journey. I have been practicing for about a month now and am gearing up for my Level II class. I feel like every session is a gift to myself as well as the person on the receiving end. I can't thank Terry enough for opening my mind to new possibilities. 

Rosalie - Exton, PA

Terry has assisted my family with her very unique and powerful healing abilities. I can honestly say that she played a huge role in saving my son's life after a near drowning with her hands on healing along side of medical intervention. I am eternally grateful for her commitment to her work and her HUGE heart! Thank you Terry!

Rebecca - West Chester, PA

I had a Reiki/Spiritual Healing session with Terry. She truly helped me to feel at peace and put troubles from my past to rest. Thank you for all you have done for my family and I!​

Alecia-North Wales,PA

I asked Terry to work on my aging Golden Retriever who had been declining rapidly. After one session, Gracie perked up, started eating and had much more energy. She continues to do well except for leg weakness. I asked Terry to come back to work with her again and Gracie responded well. The vet is now saying she could live another year or two!

Majorie - West Chester, PA

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I received received a Reiki/Spiritual Healing session from Terry. She made me feel like there was hope again and a means to an end of a negative energy. Thank you Terry!

Jackie - Franklin Park, NJ

Terry truly helped me with her Reiki for my foot. I find her helpful in mind and body. I'm thankful I met a woman that is now a friend also. My black cloud is fading. Thank you!

Sally, Wagontown, PA

Thanks Terry for the wonderful class on making Kombucha! Not only did Holistic Expert Larisa Sharipova, M.D. provide and excellent learning opportunity and fun experience once you called together a wonderful group of people with amazing connections. Your classes are always a joy

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